You need to provide your own bike for this event – you can either bring your own, hire one locally to you and bring it along, or arrange hire from our hire provider; British Bike Hire.

Whether you are entering the Challenger or the Expert category, you will use the same bike throughout the event. This could be a mountain bike, hybrid or cyclo-cross – the choice is yours! Road bikes are not recommended although they would be possible to use if you add appropriate tyres, good pressures and a dose of skill. The bike choice is a talking point of this event; that’s for sure.   |   tel: 0800 689 3527

We provide the kayaks

No need to worry about providing your own kayak as these will be ready and waiting for you, provided by us. We also provide water safety from local professionals and will kit you out in a bouyancy aid before you hit the lochs.

The kayaks are sit on tops and stable. Kayaking is done in pairs, though those at the front of the field can go solo if they arrive alone.